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When speaking about swimming pools, the mind runs immediately to the traditional “boxes” of reinforced concrete. Good for swimming maybe but not particularly aesthetically pleasing, creating dificulty for their integration into the surrounding environment. At least that was the situation until recently.

Today Biodesign Pools o-er an alternative that radically changes this concept. Our company has been in operation for over 40 years as a market leaderin the eld of monumental fountains, articial lakes and biological wáter treatment systems. A leading productive reality, a guaranteed network of authorized installers in various countries qualied to realize our pools, and an inhouse design studio and seasoned research and development department guarantee a high quality result.

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Reduced installation times

Biodesign pools can be installed very quickly, by a single operator and especially with extremely low construction impact. There is no need for complex and extremely invasive construction works.

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The perfect harmony with the landscape and the garden

Biodesign creates a new setting in perfect harmony with the landscape and fully integrated with the garden. In fact, Biodesign is always a decorative feature of the garden.

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Eco-friendly Pools.

Biodesign Pools won 1st Pool Prize BCN 2011 for sustainability, a product that guarantees an efficient use of resources (water, energy, raw materials) and that is respectful of the environment throughout its life cycle (production, installation, use, dismantling and recycling). An award for sustainability.

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