Why choose a Biodesign natural pool

The advantages

Biodesign pool

There are many characteristics that make Biodesign an innovative product, starting with its limited environmental invasiveness, which allows the pool to fit harmoniously into the context without the use of reinforced concrete. Therefore, the environment is the first beneficiary: the products used, the waterproo_ng as well as the weight of the supporting structure are a true innovation. This is a system designed to create luxury, wellbeing and ambiance simultaneously.

Installation time

Indicative times for the construction of the same 60sqm swimming pool by 4 professional workers.

23 Days

Traditional Swimming Pool

10 Days

Biodesign Pool

Low maintenance costs

Cut down on your pools maintenance costs

The cost of maintaining a pool depends on the kind of use it is subjected to. The greatest inconvenience for owners of a standard pool is maintenance even during the period of non-use. In contrast, Biodesign can operate for entire seasons in the lake mode with minimal interventions and then be reconverted to a swimming pool when needed without ever degrading the surrounding landscape.

No pool fees

Easy to obtain permits and taxes reduced!

Long waiting times for permits and more taxes.
Biodesign is a non-invasive concept based on fully certified technologies intended for the creation of small artificial lakes, with no reinforced concrete or environmental pollution. As a result it is much easier to obtain permits and increases in property taxes are less likely.

Quick Installation

Very long and invasive construction works

Biodesign pools can be installed very quickly, by a single operator and especially with extremely low construction impact. There is no need for complex and extremely invasive construction works.

Better aesthetic look

Perfectly integrated into the environment!

Biodesign creates a new setting in perfect harmony with the landscape and fully integrated with the garden. In fact, Biodesign is always a decorative feature of the garden.

Beautiful even in winter

Perfectly in Balance with the landscape and the yard

Biodesign is an all season pool. It is always a decorative feature for the garden even in harsh environments as it is unafiected by freezing temperatures.

Liveability Without Limits

A Biodesign pool can be furnished as you wish

Biodesign is designed and furnished as part of the home so as to o_er maximum liveability: seats, beaches, and wellness zones turn your pool into a small garden spa.